Procedure 6-8

Offenses and Incidents

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 16 October 2015

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  1. The University Police will investigate all offenses and incidents that occur within the UTA jurisdiction as soon as possible after such offenses or incidents are reported. University police officers are State commissioned police officers and are qualified to investigate such matters.

    1. All calls are prioritized according to the nature of the call and high priority calls are responded to first. The lower the priority of the call, the highest the potential for delay in response time. No call will be delayed longer than absolutely necessary, and the first available unit will respond.

    2. Calls for service should be directed to the University Police Department. If Arlington Police are called in reference to situations that occur within UTA jurisdiction, Arlington Police will notify UTA Police and this will result in a response time delay.

    3. Emergencies:

      Call 817-272-3003

      (Accidents involving injuries, robberies, burglaries, thefts, rapes, assaults, etc. in progress {suspect still at the scene}).

    4. Non-Emergencies:

      Call 817-272-3381

      (All calls of a minor nature such as jump starts, unlocks, incidents or offenses where suspect is gone from the scene and no immediate danger exists.)

  2. Persons who need assistance or to report an offense or incident should contact the University Police Department and advise the dispatcher of the following information:

    1. Name of person making report and victim, if different.

    2. Address of person making report and victim, if different.

    3. Telephone number of person making report and victim, if different.

    4. Location of incident.

    5. Brief description of incident (burglary, rape. theft, indecent exposure, obscene phone calls, suspicious person, lost child, vandalism, bomb threat, shooting, disturbance, etc.).

    6. Wish or do not wish to be contacted by officer.

    7. If desire to be contacted by officer, location for contact.

    8. Suspect information:

      1. Name, if known
      2. Race
      3. Age
      4. Weight
      5. Height
      6. Color of eyes
      7. Hair color and length
      8. Clothing
      9. Any unusual marks, scars tattoos
      10. Rings, etc.
    9. Vehicle information: (use CYMBALS)

      • C Color
      • Y Year
      • M Make and Model
      • B Body Type
      • A and
      • L License Plate Number
      • S Serial Number