Procedure 7-2


Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Emergency Procedures

Revision Date: 21 October 2004

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  1. In Case of Fire
    1. Alert people in the immediate vicinity to evacuate.

    2. Activate building fire alarm.

    3. Call UTA Police Department at ext. 3003. Give the nature of emergency and the location. If possible, stay on the phone long enough to answer any questions the dispatcher might have. This will ensure that proper equipment and personnel respond. Police notifications will provide rescue, traffic, communications and crowd control. (Emergency telephone number decals are available in the Safety Office Ext. 2185.)

    4. Use fire extinguisher if the fire is small. Pull pin, point at base of flames and squeeze handle.

    5. Never fight a fire that seems too large. Let the professionals handle all but the small ones.

    6. Never breathe the smoke from fire. Stay low and even crawl if necessary to avoid it. Smoke from some plastics and other common materials is toxic. After occupants have evacuated buildings, they should stay upwind so combustion products will blow away from them.

    7. If more than one person is present, many of the foregoing actions can be accomplished simultaneously.

    8. A significant number of fire fatalities result when people who have successfully evacuated a fire area return to retrieve a valued item or to search for someone missing. Do not reenter a burning or smoke filled structure. If a life may be in jeopardy, advise the professionals and let them enter with proper equipment.