Procedure 7-4

Medical Emergencies on Campus

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 05 March 2012

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Procedure Objective

The following plan is intended to document The University of Texas at Arlington procedures to provide medical services for major illnesses and injuries occurring on campus in a timely and effective manner.


This procedure will apply to UT Arlington employees at various worksites including main campus and satellite campus locations.


University Police will be responsible for maintaining staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who will perform dispatch and first responder duties for emergency medical situations.

Departments will be responsible for implementing the procedure including training employees to assure knowledge of the plan. Departments may augment the plan with details specific to that particular department. Departments will notify University Police of medical emergency situations.

Employees are responsible for complying with this plan as communicated to them by their department's management. Employees not designated as qualified first aid persons may administer first aid as "Good Samaritans" if they choose to do so.

Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for ensuring AEDs are maintained and functional at designated locations.



Section I. Contact University Police

Call University Police (817) 272-3003 and give:

  1. Nature of emergency
  2. Location (specific address or building and room number)
  3. Phone number where you can be called back

(Stay on the telephone if possible until the dispatcher has all needed information.)

Section II. Response

Police and ambulance will respond based on the initial call. Police personnel are trained in first aid and can provide stabilization until the ambulance arrives.

Section III. Emergency Number Decals for Telephones

If your campus phone does not have an emergency number decal, call the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Extension 2-2185, and decals will be provided.

Section IV. Student Health Center
  1. Student Health Center does not have life support equipment and is not licensed as an emergency room, and therefore is not equipped to handle emergencies/life-threatening situations. The Student Health Services staff can give advice as to temporary care pending arrival of an ambulance.

  2. Student Health Center does not provide continuous health care to faculty and staff. For urgent/first aid medical care, faculty and staff should proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room for continued and complete care. If emergency transport is required, individuals should call (817) 272-3003 immediately.

All faculty-staff members should have a personal physician and that information should be a part of their personnel file, as well as information for an emergency contact. This information should be kept current. In case of a medical emergency/life-threatening situation, the personal physician and emergency contact should be notified while the individual is being transported to the emergency room.

Forms and Tools/Online Processes



Emergency Medical Service: the provision of care by a medically trained person, whether this service is provided by a hospital, clinic, or rescue vehicle.

Qualified first aid person: a person with evidence to show current first aid training by the American Red Cross or equivalent.


This procedure documents The University of Texas at Arlington departmental responsibilities for providing emergency medical services to faculty and staff.

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