Procedure 7-5

Elevator Emergency Actions

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Emergency Procedures

Revision Date: 01 March 2005

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  1. Purpose

    This policy outlines the responsibilities and actions to be taken when persons are trapped in an elevator or when a condition exists with an elevator which could lead to personal injury. Whenever possible, it is recommended that any evacuation of passengers from elevator cars be performed under the direct supervision of elevator maintenance personnel, as they have the necessary resources and expertise to deal with the various complex hazards which may arise. However, in the event of an emergency, time may be of the essence in evacuating passengers, and waiting for elevator maintenance personnel may be impractical. Under emergency conditions, the passenger evacuation must be performed using these guidelines, and by personnel who have been trained in elevator evacuation.

  2. Types of Emergencies

    1. Person(s) trapped in an elevator.

    2. Elevator moving without car doors fully closed.

    3. Elevator doors open on any floor without the elevator at that level.

    4. Any elevator condition or situation that, if not corrected promptly, could lead to serious injury.

  3. Emergency Actions

    Notify the UTA Police Dispatcher, at (817) 272-3381, of the nature of the elevator emergency.

  4. Police Department Actions

    1. Dispatch a police officer to the scene.

    2. If persons are trapped in an elevator:

      1. The police dispatcher will contact the elevator maintenance company responsible for that specific elevator, advise the company of the situation and request an elevator repair person be immediately dispatched to the scene.

      2. Contact the Office of Physical Plant at (817) 272-2000 and advise, "We have person(s) trapped in an elevator." This will identify the call as an emergency requiring immediate attention. The dispatcher shall provide the building name, specific elevator and number of persons trapped, if known.

      3. The police officer should communicate with the occupants in the elevator car, and inform them that they are safe and that steps are being taken to evacuate them from the elevator car. In communicating with the occupants, the officer should determine the number of persons in the elevator and whether any of the occupants are ill or injured. If an injury is reported, the officer should request that dispatch contact the appropriate medical response personnel. The occupants of the elevator should continually be kept informed and reassured of their safety.

      4. The police officer should then coordinate the rescue of the occupants with the elevator maintence company personnel.

      5. If there is a medical emergency or another critical reason that the person(s) are not able to wait for the elevator maintenance company, the police officer will contact the Arlington Fire Department.

      6. As a last resort, the following procedure should be used by the UTA police to evacuate occupants from the elevator:

        1. Set the mainline "Elevator Emergency Disconnect Switch" for the stalled elevator, in the "off" position. These switches are located in specific mechanical areas, as shown in the "Elevator Emergency Disconnect Switch Manual". The step should be performed by Physical Plant personnel.

        2. Open the elevator doors, using the appropriate elevator key.

        3. Request that an elevator occupant set the emergency stop switch within the elevator car, to the "stop" position, if the car is so equipped.

        4. At this point, evaluate the distance between the elevator car floor and the building landing level. If this distance is greater than 3 feet, do not attempt to remove any occupants from the elevator car. It is inadvisable to remove the occupant through the elevator door opening as the excessive distance between the car floor and building landing creates a danger due to the possibility that an occupant may fall into the hoist way. Ask the occupants to remain calm until an elevator maintenance person can arrive and set the car closer to the landing.

        5. If the distance between the elevator car floor and the building landing is 3 feet, or less, then assist the occupants in leaving the elevator car, one at a time. If the car is not level with the landing, make sure the occupants do not trip or fall while leaving the car. The use of a ladder may be required.

        6. After all occupants have been removed, close the elevator doors and post a temporary "Out of Order" sign on all doors, at each floor for that elevator until the elevator maintenance repair person arrives.

        7. Do not attempt to restore power to the stalled elevator. After the rescue has been completed, have a rescue team member stand by to inform the elevator repair person what switches were set and which doors were forced open.

    3. If person(s) are not trapped in the elevator:

      1. The officer shall post a temporary "Out of Order" sign on all doors for that elevator at each floor, until the elevator maintenance repair person arrives.

      2. Contact the Office of Physical Plant at (817) 272-2000 and advise of the situation. Physical Plant personnel shall call the elevator maintenance company responsible for the specific elevator, and advise the company of the situation, requesting repair service.

  5. Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance deficiencies should be reported to the Physical Plant at (817) 272-2000. This includes such problems as elevator out-of-service, erratic movement, not stopping at exact floor level, lights out, or slow operation. If a problem develops at other than normal business hours, the UTA Police Department should contact the Physical Plant, so that the elevator maintenance company can be notified.

  6. Elevator Maintenance Contractors

    Physical Plant will provide the UTA Police Department and the Environmental Health and Safety Office, with a list of campus buildings and the names and emergency telephone numbers of elevator maintenance contractors. The Physical Plant will update this list as necessary. The UTA Police Department will ensure that the police dispatcher has a current copy of this list.