Procedure 8-12

Building Roof Access

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Environmental Health & Safety

Revision Date: 25 July 2014

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Procedure Objective

The purpose of this procedure is to establish standard procedures to control access and maintain security and safety standards of all UT Arlington campus building roofs.


This policy applies to all employees, students, contractors, and visitors requiring roof access.


The Environmental Health & Safety Office (EH&S)
Responsible for the health and safety of personnel and related compliance. For the purpose of this procedure, EH&S will review and approve requests from unauthorized personnel for campus building roof access. EH&S will facilitate approved short term roof access.

The Office of Facilities Management (OFM)
Responsible for campus building structures and/or equipment. For the purpose of this procedure, OFM will track roof access of authorized personnel. OFM will receive notification from EH&S if approval is granted for roof access to unauthorized personnel.

The University Police Department (UTAPD)
Responsible for maintaining building security. For the purpose of this procedure, UTAPD will receive notification from EH&S if approval is granted for roof access to unauthorized personnel.



Section I. Roof Access

Authorized Personnel
  1. All authorized personnel are responsible to maintain security on the roofs and comply with safe operating procedures at all times when working on roof systems.
  2. All authorized personnel should understand the importance of securing roof access areas and complying with roof security procedures at all times.
  3. Authorized personnel accessing a roof area must notify the OFM Call Center by telephone (ext. 2-2000) or radio immediately prior to accessing a roof area and immediately after their activities are concluded.
Unauthorized Personnel
  1. Application for roof access should be submitted to EH&S using Roof Access Request (Form 8-77) no less than five (5) working days prior to the needed access date.
  2. EH&S will complete a hazard evaluation for the requested roof access.
  3. If the Roof Access Request is approved, EH&S will notify OFM and UTAPD. EH&S will also notify the requestor and coordinate the roof access.
  4. Short term access will be provided by EH&S during normal working hours M-F, 8-5. EH&S will coordinate with UTAPD to provide access outside of normal working hours if necessary.
  5. If the approved access is needed for a long term project (greater than 2 weeks), the requester shall go through the key request process per Key and Lock Control (Procedure 6-15) to obtain a key to be checked in/out and logged at UTAPD Dispatch.

Forms and Tools/Online Processes

Roof Access Request (Form 8-77)


Authorized Personnel: University personnel and/or approved contractors that have direct involvement with the installation, construction, operation, and maintenance of University buildings and/or associated equipment.


The policy addresses the need to keep equipment and systems contained in these areas secure with controlled access only for effective operation of systems, maintenance and repair. This policy seeks to protect the health and safety of University personnel, students and the public. Additionally, the policy strives to ensure that the University's liability exposure is adequately controlled and minimized.

Related Statutes, Policies, Requirements or Standards

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Key and Lock Control (Procedure 6-15)




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