Procedure 8-2

Accident/Fire Reporting Policy

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Environmental Health & Safety

Revision Date: 21 October 2004

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NOTE: This policy deals with administrative, not emergency reporting


  1. For the purpose of this policy, an accident is defined as: an unplanned or unscheduled event resulting in an injury (requiring medical attention) to any person while on this campus, or a property damage loss to this University. This includes an accident/fire involving University equipment, vehicles, (owned, leased, rented or loaned), facilities, or personnel performing their normal duties, which results in an injury to non-University personnel, damage to non-University equipment or facilities.

  2. Every accident/fire shall be reported to the Environmental Health & Safety Office by the "in-charge" faculty member, administrator, supervisor or foreman. Department heads and directors, on being notified of an accident/fire, should insure that the proper emergency response agencies have been notified and confirm that the Environmental Health & Safety Office has been advised. Accidents occurring at other than normal office hours should be reported to the Environmental Health & Safety Office at the beginning of the next workday. Campus accidents or fires resulting in a fatality, serious disabling injury or major facility damage during other than normal office hours will be reported to the Environmental Health & Safety Office (ext. 22185) by the University Police Department.

  3. This procedure of telephone notification does not alter existing written report requirements for Worker's Compensation Insurance, police activities, or individual department procedures.