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Emergency procedures are indicated by series number 7-xx.

Listings of Retired Procedures (or Regulations) may be found in the disposition table.

2-43 Responsibilities, Inventories, Reporting and Tracking of University Property Asset Management 04/23/2013
2-44 Addition of Property to a Department's Inventory Asset Management 09/16/2009
2-45 Removal of Property from a Department's Inventory Asset Management 04/23/2013
2-46 Removal of Equipment from the University Premises Asset Management 06/09/2010
2-47 Departmental Property Records Asset Management 05/02/2010
2-48 Motor Vehicles Asset Management 05/18/2011
2-49 Central Receiving and Central Receiving Services Asset Management 09/17/2013
2-57 United States Government-Owned Equipment: Responsibilities, Care, Maintenance, Utilization, Identification, Disposition, and Records Asset Management 11/17/2010
2-60 Fabricated Equipment (United States Government-Owned Equipment Asset Management 06/09/2010
2-62 Records of Scrap and Salvage Asset Management 11/17/2010
2-64 Records of Materials and Supplies Consumption Asset Management 07/08/2010
2-74 Shredding of Records Through Asset Management Asset Management 10/06/2009