Procedures Index

Procedures (formerly Fiscal Regulations) may be accessed from this index. You may sort the table by Index, Title, Owner, or Published by clicking on the table headings. Content displayed may be refined by using the column filters located underneath the column titles.

Emergency procedures are indicated by series number 7-xx.

Listings of Retired Procedures (or Regulations) may be found in the disposition table.

Index Title
1-1 Payroll Processing - Pay Dates and Deadlines
1-2 Distribution of Payments
1-9 Federal Income Withholding Tax
1-12 Departmental Payroll Vouchers
1-15 Overtime Requests and Payments to Employees
1-16 Accrued Vacation, Sick Leave, Death Benefits, Excessive Absences and Mid-Month Terminations
1-17 Salary Spread Election
1-19 Payments for Professional Services
1-21 Payments to Nonresident Alien Employees
1-22 Scholarships Awarded to Nonresident Alien Students
1-23 Payments to Nonresident Alien Independent Contractors, Guest Speakers and Performers