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Procedures (formerly Fiscal Regulations) may be accessed from this index. You may sort the table by Index, Title, Owner, or Published by clicking on the table headings. Content displayed may be refined by using the column filters located underneath the column titles.

Emergency procedures are indicated by series number 7-xx.

Listings of Retired Procedures (or Regulations) may be found in the disposition table.

Index Title
2-80-1 Travel Authorization and Obtain Permission to Travel [Prior to 8-12-2016]
2-81-1 Travel Services [Prior to 8-12-2016]
2-83 International Travel
2-86-1 Meals, Lodging, Incidental Expenses and Other Fees for Travel for State and Local Funds [Prior to 8-12-2016]
2-87-1 Travel for Persons Other Than Faculty and Staff Does Not Apply to State Accounts [Prior to 8-12-2016]
2-89-1 Transportation Does Not Apply to State Accounts [Prior to 8-13-2016]
2-90 Completing Required Documentation for Travel Reimbursements