Political Science Research at UTA

Our faculty employ sophisticated data analysis, experiments, surveys, and on-the-ground interviews to understand the world that we live in and the politics that shape it.

Explore recent faculty books/publications as well as departmental research programs below.

Faculty Publications

Recent Books

Dr. Marshall, Public Opinion, Public Policy, and Smoking, Lexington Press.

Dr. Marshall. Public Opinion and the Rehnquist Court. Albany NY: SUNY Press

Dr. Sasley (with Harold Waller), Politics in Israel: Governing in a Complex Society, Oxford University Press. Learn more here.

Dr. Sledge, Health Divided, University Press of Kansas. Learn more here.

Dr. Thomas (with Tim LaPira), Revolving Door Lobbying, University Press of Kansas. Learn more here

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Selected Articles

Drs. Sledge and Thomas, “From Disaster Response to Community Recovery: Non-Governmental Entities, Government, and Public Health,” American Journal of Public Health.

Dr. Hoang, "Race and Legislative Responsiveness in City Council Meetings." Urban Affairs Review.

Dr. Sasley (with Mira Sucharov), "Blogging Identities on Israel/Palestine: Public Intellectuals and Their Audiences," PS: Political Science and Politics.

Dr. Boyea (with Paul Brace), “State Public Opinion, the Death Penalty and the Practice of Electing Judges.” American Journal of Political Science.

Dr. Sasley, “Turkish Leaders and Foreign Policy Decision-Making: Lobbying for European Union Membership.” Middle Eastern Studies.

Dr. Sledge, “Linking Public Health and Individual Medicine: The Health Policy Approach of Surgeon General Thomas Parran,” American Journal of Public Health (Winner 2017 AJPH Paper of the Year Award)

Dr. Thomas (with Amber Boydstun and Shaun Bevan), "The Importance of Attention Diversity and How to Measure It," Policy Studies Journal.

Dr. Thomas, "Modeling Contagion in Policy Systems," Cognitive Systems Research.

Dr. Boyea,  “Individual Contributions to State Supreme Court Campaigns: Context and the Impact of Institutional Design,” State Politics & Policy Quarterly.

Dr. Deen, "Bake Sales for a Better America: The Role of School Volunteers in Civic Life," International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Health Politics Data Initiative

The Health Politics Data Initiative is a large-scale data collection and content analysis endeavor propelled forward by the efforts of talented undergraduate and graduate research assistants. In keeping with UTA's strategic plan, HPDI addresses health and the human condition using methods of data-driven discovery. Major themes of the project include disaster response and recovery, politics and policies related to the opioid epidemic, and disease-related advocacy. HPDI is co-directed by Drs. Sledge and Thomas.

Research Roundtable

Held two to three times a semester, the ongoing POLS research roundtable series provides a forum for discussion of both faculty and MA student research. Research roundtable speakers have also included visiting faculty through the Haggard Lecture Series.

Saxe Fellows Program

The Allan Saxe Fellows Undergraduate Research Fellows Program provides an innovative and unique experience for undergraduate students. Working with a paired faculty member over the course of a semester, students gain hands-on research skills as well as develop an original research project.  

Especially helpful for those seeking further graduate or professional employment, the program offers opportunites beyond upper-level POLS coursework for students to learn about and engage in faculty research. Interested students should email Dr. Thomas for an application as well as talk to the POLS undergraduate academic advisor.

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POLS Research Day

Each semester, the political science department hosts a poster event featuring student research projects. Spanning honors theses, Saxe Fellows projects, course projects, and graduate student research, the event features dozens of participants and is open to the public.

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