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UTA Presidential Fellows

In order to recognize the scholarship of our faculty, and to further promote collaborative and cross-disciplinary research as a means of enhancing efforts to meet the goals of the UTA strategic plan: Bold Solutions | Global Impact, a new UTA Presidential Fellows program is being established. This prestigious fellowship will be awarded to up to 5 scholars to further the excellence of the University, enhance collaborative efforts across disciplines, and advance our academic and research programs to ensure impact on the communities we serve.


A cohort of up to 5 Presidential Fellows will be selected every two years through a competitive process in the fall. Each Fellow will be provided a stipend of $10,000/year for the 2-year period of their Fellowship.  These funds can be used to support research endeavors that enhance collaborations on campus and propel the career of the awardee and may include expenditures such as research costs, travel to research conferences, workshops, and student support.  The funds cannot be used to supplement salary.

Beyond recognizing accomplishments and focusing on the furthering of their research and scholarship, Presidential Fellows will commit to participating in activities designed to strengthen advancement of the university in realizing the interdisciplinary focus of our strategic plan. These activities will include:

  1. The Vice President for Research and the Provost will jointly organize meetings of the Fellows several (a minimum of 4) times a year. These meetings will enable sharing of academic interests and expertise aimed at building interdisciplinary connections between the Fellows and other potential collaborators across our campus to foster a broader intellectual community that will propel the University’s Strategic Plan. The Fellows are also expected to meet informally throughout the year as a group. While the period of commitment is for the period of the award (2 years), the Fellows will be encouraged to continue meeting with the group formed by the addition of subsequent cohorts;
  2. Meet as a group for a total of five days through each summer of their appointment as part of an effort to build a cross-disciplinary UTA Institute across the four theme areas of the strategic plan;
  3. Present a university wide seminar once a year on a topic of their choosing to discuss research advances in one of the 4 theme areas.  The seminar will be part of series hosted by the VPR for a general audience across all disciplines.
  4. Serve in an advisory capacity to the President as related to progress along the Strategic Plan.


All full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for this program and junior and mid-career faculty are specially encouraged to apply.  Must be on active status through the two years of the Fellowship and not be on a Faculty Development Leave or a Strategic Research Appointment during the period of the award.


  1. Applications for the UTA Presidential Fellows program can be submitted by any UTA full-time tenured or tenure track faculty member; nomination by peers is also encouraged;
  2. All applications will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness by the Office of Academic Affairs and applications of eligible candidates will be sent to the review committee;
  3. Eligible applications will be reviewed by a select committee named annually by the President. All UTA faculty who are members of the National Academies (NAE/NAS/NAM) will automatically be invited to serve on the committee but are not obligated to do so.  The Provost and Vice President for Research will be ex-officio members of the committee with voting privileges;
  4. The committee will review the applications, score and rank the applications and submit their recommendations to the President who will make the final decision.

 Selection Criteria

  1. Significant record of accomplishment and standing in your field
  2. Research direction that aligns and significantly advances the University strategic plan: Bold Solutions|Global Impact.
  3. Expressed desire and commitment to actively engage in promoting and encouraging collaborative cross-disciplinary research with their colleagues.


  1. The call for nominations will go out in fall of every other year. Decisions will be announced early in the spring semester;
  2. The financial award will be made available immediately after the decisions are announced and must be spent before the end of the fiscal year (i.e. Fellows receiving their awards in 2016 must expend their annual allocation not later than the last day of the 16-17 fiscal year and that of the second year by the last day of the 17-18 fiscal year).  Unexpended funds cannot be rolled over or transferred to another account.

Download the Presidential Research Fellows Application Form.


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