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Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty

2017-2018 Call for Proposals

Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty

Program Scope 

The Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President for Research are sponsoring for FY17-18 the Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty (SRAF) program to fund appointments for faculty designed to significantly advance our research efforts under the UTA Strategic Plan themes: Health and the Human Condition, Sustainable Urban Communities, Global Environmental Impact, and Data-Driven Discovery. The SRAF program will enable faculty to spend time at another institution (or institutions) to conduct research while expanding their knowledge & expertise and building key partnerships. As the ability to effectively compete for major research programs often benefit significantly from or may even require partnerships with other institutions, the SRAF program creates an important new way to help faculty develop research collaborations for UTA while carrying out their research and developing new research proposals. 

This document serves as a request for proposals (RFP) and outlines the program objectives, guidelines, and requirements. These appointments, which will be awarded on a competitive basis, provide support for one semester at full salary to enable a faculty member to spend time at another research institution.  Other research institutions include national/government labs, research universities, or corporate labs. In some circumstances, appointments can be at one half salary for both academic semesters. Funds will be provided to cover instructional needs during the appointment period.

Proposal Submissions

All proposals must be submitted through the SRAF Sharepoint site. Log into the system using your NetID and password. Once proposals have been submitted online, they will be made available through the VPR to the review committee.

The SRAF application should be submitted as a single PDF document that includes:

1. Title page (1 page).

2. Proposal description (2 pages maximum, including references), single-spaced, 11 or 12 font type, and written in clear, jargon-free English. Proposal descriptions should include:

  • reference to background information on which the proposal is based,
  • a brief description of the research to be conducted (including timeframe) and its importance in the field of study and to the UTA strategic research themes,
  • where the research will be conducted and how this appointment will facilitate the research,
  • how this appointment will increase the ability to become increasingly competitive in this research field, and
  • any additional information about financial support from the research institution being visited or from fellowships.

3. A one-page brief CV that lists: relevant publications, relevant funding in this area, research based awards or distinctions, and other pertinent information relevant to the proposal.

For technical questions regarding the online submission process, please email For all other questions and comments about the SRAF Program, please contact Dr. Jon Weidanz, Associate Vice President for Research, at

Proposal Review

The proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary team that represents expertise from across the university. Results of the review will be provided to the Vice President for Research, who will then make recommendations to the President of the University.

The overriding principle upon which proposals will be evaluated is the potential for achievement surpassing the normal responsibilities of a faculty member, which will be judged based on:

  • The quality of the proposed research and the likely impact of this work under one or more of the UTA strategic themes
  • The ability for this appointment to enhance importance of research expertise and capabilities
  • How this appointment will build or expand important partnership(s) for creating additional sponsored research programs at UTA.
  • How this appointment will be used to develop research proposals and enhance our competitiveness for extramural research funding (The appointment must lead to a proposal for extramural funding) 


Proposals for Strategic Research Appointments for Faculty need to be submitted to The web site for proposal submissions will be open December 19th and proposals must be submitted by 11:00 p.m. January 30th.

Award Notification and Requirements

Faculty will be notified about awards in early April, which should provide sufficient time to make arrangements for the appointment. An approved request for Leave of Absence during the period of the appointment, approved by the Department Chair, Dean, Provost and President, is required.

Appointment requirements include:

  1. A final report documenting the research done during the appointment and related issues, such as new skills acquired.
  2. A list of papers (completed or in preparation), reports and presentations completed as a result of the appointment
  3. An extramural proposal for research funding developed as a result of the appointment.


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