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President Vistasp Karbhari

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President Vistasp Karbhari on what's new and notable at
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Recognizing Commitment to Excellence

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50 year service award recipient
Dr. Jerry Rodnitzky is recognized for 50 years of service to UTA.

People define the quality of an organization and the very best workplaces are supported by dedicated, talented, enthusiastic, loyal and caring personnel. UTA is blessed with tremendously talented and committed staff and faculty who care deeply about the students and the Institution. This was a characteristic that drew me to the University while I was interviewing and I’m still in awe of the level of commitment that our faculty and staff show toward UTA and our students.

An institution does not develop a reputation for greatness, or its ability to provide knowledge to students, or even its excellence in research through transitionary contributions. A great reputation is derived from continuity and a history of effort and achievement – in fact, through the legacy of those who toil, often behind the scenes, so that our students receive the very best educational experience. Because of this very high level of dedication we have been able to reach great milestones and this continues to drive us to ever higher heights of excellence enabling UTA to be considered one of the very best in the nation.

Over the past few days we have celebrated the service of staff and faculty who have been at UTA between 10 and 50 years and it was an honor and pleasure to meet and thank so many of them. The list of team members whose service was celebrated can be found HERE. If you see any of them, stop and thank them for the wonderful work that they are doing. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and spirit make UTA a special place, and they are playing a critical role in shaping our institution for the future.

45 year recipient
Dr. R Leffingwell has been with UTA for 45 years.
40 year recipient
Charles Miller has been with UTA for 40 years.
35 years of service
Individuals recognized for 35 years of service.
30 years of service
Individuals recognized for 30 years of service.
20 years of service
Individuals recognized for 20 years of service.
15 years of service
Individuals recognized for 15 years of service.
10 yearrs of service
Individuals recognized for 10 years of service.
Outstanding Maverick Individual awards
Outstanding Maverick Awardees.
Outstanding Maverick Team award
Outstanding Maverick Team Award.