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President Vistasp Karbhari

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President Vistasp Karbhari on what's new and notable at
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More than 5,100 Graduate in Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremonies

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Dr. Karbhari at commencement
President Karbhari showing his Maverick Pride!

I’ve always liked the term Commencement. So many think of their graduation as the end to a long journey with the attainment of a degree being the destination – and it certainly is a milestone in the life of our graduates and their families. But the word Commencement means the time when something begins. It marks the celebration of a transition in the lives of our students, the crossing of a symbolic threshold from students to learned members and leaders of society. Each graduate must now commence with the next phase of their life, poised to make their mark in their chosen profession and in the community.

Graduate jumps for joy

More than 5100 students graduated from UTA this spring. This graduating class now moves forward as alumni and proud Mavericks, joining a long line of accomplished graduates who are making contributions to their work places, their communities and to their alma mater. With so much to look forward to and strive for, I hope that each of our graduates wears his or her title as an alumnus with honor and dignity, and celebrates being part of a long tradition. I hope they will talk about their UTA affiliation with pride, telling others about their experiences at UTA, encouraging those coming behind them to excel, and playing a role as proud alumni in furthering our drive for increasingly higher levels of excellence in all we do. Being an alumnus is something to be proud of, but is also a responsibility.

I look forward to not only seeing all of our graduates in their new roles, but to continuing to hear from them – about their accomplishments and their news. I hope each of them will stay engaged with the University and stay in touch through our Office of Alumni Relations. Our Executive Director of Donor and Alumni Relations, Julie Barfield, would love to hear from you!

To our new alumni I say -- go off and do great and exciting things, but please come back and visit often. You are a significant part of UTA’s accomplishments. Please invest your time, talent and resources in ensuring the success of those who follow in your footsteps.

graduate getting a hug
The impossible is possible at UTA!