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President Vistasp Karbhari

Mav Milestones

President Vistasp Karbhari on what's new and notable at
The University of Texas at Arlington

UTA - A Global University

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Dr. Karbhari speaks at Amity University
President Karbhari speaks at Amity University in India.

UTA’s Strategic plan calls for bold solutions and global impact. Our impact is seen through the international students we educate, the partnerships we develop with institutions of higher education, government agencies in other countries, and the collaborations we have with corporate entities globally. We are a University of IDEAS and our influence is growing, and our positive impact is seen, in key regions of the world through these activities and the success of our alumni.

I had the opportunity to join a UTA team on a recent trip to India and saw firsthand the growing reputation of our institution and the esteem with which our faculty is held by institutions there. Led by Vice Provost Aswath and Dean Subramaniam the team met with groups of students in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, all of whom were eager to apply for admission to UTA for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. It was heartening to see interest not just in our Business and Engineering programs but also in the sciences, liberal arts and education.

Dr. Karbhari and UTA staff at Amity University
Dr. Karbhari and other UTA staff are recognized at Amity University.

I met with leaders of a number of institutions and it was clear that we are seen as a thought leader in bridging access and excellence. Many would like to collaborate with us in re-envisioning how knowledge is shared and education is provided to the leaders of tomorrow. In the weeks ahead I will be discussing this with our leadership in Academic Affairs and developing a plan for greater engagement and outreach. There is much that we can do, but we need to be deliberate in choosing select opportunities that maximize our impact and provide the best experiences for our students and faculty – at home and across the world.

As technology makes the world smaller and flatter, academia has a growing responsibility to engage, educate, and ensure that we provide greater understanding and connectivity – all areas in which we excel. I had the distinct privilege of visiting Amity University, ranked as one of India’s best universities, and presenting the Distinguished Global Indian speaker lecture. I was also honored with an honorary Professorship. I believe that these honors attest to UTA’s growing reputation on the international stage.

Dr. Karbhari particpates in a ceremony at Amity University