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President Vistasp Karbhari

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Celebrating Faculty Advancement

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Professors recognized for advancement
Thirty UTA professors were recognized for advancing in rank or tenure.

Universities have a lot of traditions. Among these are the celebration of awarding tenure and promotion. This is special not just because it marks the attainment of a milestone in a faculty member’s academic career, but because it celebrates change and acknowledges the necessity of academe to periodically re-energize its membership and sense of purpose.

It was a privilege to be with the most recent group of faculty who were awarded tenure and/or promoted to a higher academic rank as we celebrated this very significant advancement at a special dinner. Considering the depth and breadth of expertise of this latest group of faculty to be so honored, we should immediately recognize that they are, in large part, the source of the momentum behind UTA’s growing national reputation. Each and every one of them exhibits the kind of commitment to, and passion for, advancing knowledge that inspires not only our students, faculty and staff at UTA, but also their peers around the globe.

Dr. Ashfaq Adnan advanced to Associate Professor.
Dr. Ashfaq Adnan was one of 17 professors to advance from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor with Tenure.

They are pushing the envelope every day, reaching beyond what is “a given” and striving towards what’s next. They lead the way for all of us in an increasingly complex, inter- and multi-disciplinary world. Today we are better than we were last year – more focused on student success, on the development of new knowledge, on the furthering of research and engagement with the community. Today, due to the efforts of our faculty, we continue to accelerate on our journey to be the “best of the best” and be recognized as the Model 21st Century Urban Research University. To these advancing faculty we owe our admiration and our thanks. I know that this celebration was just a beginning and that we will be celebrating a lot more with each of them in the future. The best, as they say, is yet to come!

Dr. Antoinette Sol advances to Full Professor.
Dr. Antoinette Sol was one of 12 professors to advance from Associate Professor to Full Professor.

The program for the Faculty Recognition Dinner may be found HERE.