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A Message from the President

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Message Regarding Texas Senate Bill 11

Dear members of the UTA community:

You are no doubt aware that the Texas State Legislature this weekend passed and sent to the governor for consideration Senate Bill 11, informally known as “campus carry,” allowing guns to be brought on to university property. While the broad implications of the bill are known, the details of implementation, including mechanisms for gathering input and processes to conform to the new requirements, still have to be worked out. We are conferring with the UT System and the Board of Regents on these. As we proceed, we will reach out to all members of our community for input.

In the event that you have not seen Chancellor William McRaven’s statement to the UT community in response to the passage of SB 11, it is posted below in its entirety.

Please know that the safety and security of our UTA family as well as all those who visit our campus is of the utmost importance and always foremost in our planning and actions.

Thank you for your continued support of The University of Texas at Arlington.


Vistasp Karbhari


Statement from Chancellor William McRaven:

AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Legislature reached a decision on the issue of campus carry. While it is not what we had hoped for, I respect the Legislature’s decision. I also appreciate legislators for recognizing the very specific safety considerations that are unique to campus environments.

It is helpful that the bill was amended to allow our campus presidents to consult with students, faculty and staff to develop rules and regulations that will govern the carrying of concealed handguns on campuses. I look forward to working with our presidents as they craft these policies and bring them to our Board of Regents for review.

I pledge to our students, faculty, staff, patients and their families and to all those who may visit a UT institution that, as UT System leaders, we will do everything in our power to maintain safe and secure campuses.