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College of Engineering Hall of Achievement

February 26, 2016

Thank you, Dean Behbehani. What a wonderful evening as we celebrate success, honor those whose work has been exemplary, and remember that as engineers our goal is to come up with big ideas and develop innovative solutions that will have a lasting impact on the world. As members of the College of Engineering we aspire to always solve problems, not create them; remove barriers to efficient operations rather than dream up new obstacles; derive innovative solutions instead of hiding behind bureaucratic jargon; and more than anything else – ensure that our students get the very best educational experiences.

In his book Space, James Michener wrote, “Scientists dream about doing great things, Engineers do them.” I wholeheartedly agree but I’d like to suggest that the statement needs to be modified a bit.  Engineers dream as well, with the best engineers refusing to be satisfied with the status quo and who dream big, develop new and better ways of achieving a goal, and then implement them. 

Today we are honoring an individual who exemplifies these ideals.  He has not only been intimately involved in developing technology, but also in implementing it.  He has been a leader in both research and innovation and has led by example having a far reaching impact on some of the largest technological giants in today’s corporate world. Through all those accomplishments, as he continued to rise to the very top of the corporate ladder, he has always given back – engaging with faculty and students, teaching courses, and ensuring that universities, including UTA, had access to not just resources but also the best and brightest minds in the world outside academe.

He has not only had far-reaching impact on the profession, but also on our nation’s technological position globally, and on the larger community. We are honored to induct him into the College of Engineering Hall of Achievement in recognition of his lifelong accomplishments as an engineer.

Distinguished technologist, innovator and entrepreneur, corporate leader, visionary executive, community champion, ENGINEER – these do not even begin to describe this year’s Hall of Achievement awardee –Krish Prabhu.

After his graduation with a BS in Physics from Bangalore University in India and a MS in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, he completed his master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Physics’ loss was our gain.

Dr. Prabhu started his career in 1980 as a member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories where he was engaged in research on video coding and image processing.  He joined Rockwell International in 1984 and led a team that developed fiber optic telecom products deployed by industry leaders such as MCI, Ameritech, and Southwestern Bell.  Later at Alcatel, he led the team that was the first to launch DSL products for broadband internet access globally. 

He served after that in a variety of leadership roles at Tekelec, Tellabs and Alcatel, focusing on innovation and ensuring leadership of the corporation. He also served as a partner in Morgenthaler Ventures where he assisted in developing information technology and communications startups. In addition to advising industry leaders among telecommunication and semi-conductor companies he has served on a number of public and private company boards.

As President of AT&T Labs and Chief Technology Officer for AT&T, Dr. Prabhu oversees the company’s global technology direction, which includes network innovation, product development and research, intellectual property organization, and their global supply chain organization. 

At UTA we have benefitted not just from his support and guidance on the UTA College of Engineering Board of Advisors, but also from his interactions with students and faculty and from the guidance and support he has provided me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed my honor to present this year’s inductee to the College of Engineering’s Hall of Achievement, a person I’m privileged to call my friend, and our newest faculty member – Dr. Krish Prabhu.