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UTA Mock Courtroom Ribbon Cutting

February 1, 2020

Good Afternoon and thank you all for being here today.

It’s a pleasure to be here to commemorate the opening of this beautiful new facility.

The University of Texas at Arlington has grown so much in recent years - in the size of our student body, the reach of our programs, new and updated facilities, the quality of our offerings, and most importantly in the achievement of our students. Its always wonderful to welcome back alumni who have achieved so much since graduating as well as to welcome members of our community to UTA.

At the very outset let me acknowledge and thank Dean Cawthon whose vision and leadership have led to the growth and success of our pre-law Center.  Her tireless efforts on behalf of our students have laid the foundation on which we continue to build today. I’d also like to recognize and thank Dean Beth Wright for her leadership in forming the pre-law Center in 2012.  Without the efforts of these two tremendous leaders our pre-law program and this Center would not be where it is today.

I want to extend my thanks, and the deep gratitude of the University of Texas at Arlington, to the Callejo-Botello Foundation for their support of the Pre-Law Center and their gift which helped fund the creation of the Mock Courtroom.  I know that many of Adelfa Callejo’s family are with us today.  I want you to know that this gift in her name will have a lasting impact on our students and their futures, and through them on the communities in which they will reside and work.  Thank you for not jusy enabling opportunity to meet talent, but for ensuring a wonderful future for generations yet to come through this gift.

This facility moves us one step further on the road to excellence. I see a number of our alumni here as well and want to acknowledge and thank each of you for the role you have played in developing and building the pre-law Center and for your continued support of the Center and especially of our pre-law students.  In addition to your generous financial support, many of you donate your time and energy into making this Center a success. This is incredible and deeply appreciated.

Please know that your efforts are helping our students achieve their dreams, enabling great educational experiences for brilliant minds as they prepare for their careers, creating opportunities and better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our dedicated faculty, staff, and students who drive the pre-law program will be truly enriched by this facility and for that, and for enabling a step forward in their dreams, and our hopes – my sincere thanks to each of you.  Thank you again for all you do and for joining us here today.