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Hall of Honor for the Military Science Department

March 25, 2017

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the University of Texas at Arlington and the Military Science Hall of Honor Ceremony. It is an honor and privilege to be here with you.

The University of Texas at Arlington has a deep and storied military tradition going back to our very roots and we are proud as a university to host a vibrant Army ROTC program, one of the oldest and most respected in the state of Texas, and even more honored to serve as the home to the “Maverick” Battalion. Our cadets have gone on to serve with distinction in the military and in civilian life. They stand as shining examples of service to the nation, putting our welfare above theirs and, through their service, ensuring that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms we so cherish.

While every university is happy to welcome its alumni back to campus, that welcome has a special significance at UTA for those who are alumni of ROTC and the 114th Maverick Battalion. Your support, through your presence here today, your generosity in enabling scholarships, your mentorship of our future leaders, and your overall support of this great university is deeply appreciated. Events such as today’s bear special significance because they bring together current students, cadets and distinguished alumni – the past and present meeting to always define a worthy future. To many this event this might bring memories of training, camaraderie, and being cadets. To me it’s a lot deeper – it reminds us of the commitment being made by the young men and women who have not attended a university but have trained to be able to serve our nation and protect the freedoms we so cherish in academia. It emphasizes further that these young men and women went on to complete distinguished careers serving as shining examples for generations to follow.

Our honorees today epitomize the highest levels of excellence in service to the nation, our community, and UTA. Gentlemen – you set the bar very high and provide inspiration and motivation for all of us. To all our cadets, past and present, you have the heartfelt thanks of an entire university.

I would be remiss, if I did not include my sincere gratitude to Rex Latham, President of the Cadet Corps Alumni Council and to Lt. Col. Doty, Professor of Military Science. Their leadership has helped guide our program to new heights and I am confident that in the years to come the Maverick Battalion will grow even greater in reputation. I’m also deeply appreciative of the strong and continuous support of the CCAC.  You provide the drive and motivation for all of us. Thank you again for all you do – not just for our cadets, but for all of UTA. The Maverick Battalion is a shining point of light and pride for UTA.

Ceremonies at academic institutions carry deep significance since they signal attainment of thresholds and the achievements of goals. They are often described as “chapters of our lives” – and the 2017 Military Science Hall of Honor Ceremony is no different. As we prepare to induct our new members I want to thank them and you, our alumni, and current cadets, for your dedication and service. Know that we are proud of each one of you.

No matter where your service takes you, where life leads, the Maverick family will hold you in our heart and lift you up. Thank you for your commitment to the nation, and thank you for being a part of UTA.