Transformation - 2008 President's Report

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The Urgency of Now - 2008 President's Report


Total Research Expenditures

(in millions)

bar chart of total research expenditures

Industry (for profit) Research Expenditures

(in millions)

bar chart of industry research expenditures


Number of Endowments

bar chart of number of endowments

Endowment (Market Value)

(in millions)

bar chart of endowment values

Distribution of Private Contributions

By Donor Source

By Use of Funds

pie charts of private contributions

Five-Year University Benchmarks

  2003 2008
Patents Filed 15 34
Intellectual Property Disclosures 26 60
Students Living on Campus 3,300 4,290
Total Enrollment 24,979 25,071
Hispanic Enrollment 2,782 3,806
African-American Enrollment 2,997 3,481
Fort Worth Center Enrollment 596 1,288
Total Employees 4,918 5,093
Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty 532 607
Alumni Association Members 1,100 8,000
Total Square Footage of Buildings 3.7 million 4.9 million
Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Purchases $8.7 million $22.1 million