Transformation - 2008 President's Report

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The Urgency of Now - 2008 President's Report

A Blueprint for Breakthroughs in Engineering and Science

Engineering Research Building

The Engineering Research Building will feature 234,000 square feet of multidisciplinary labs, classrooms and offices.

The $150 million Engineering Research Complex will forge cutting-edge partnerships between engineering and science that will elevate UT Arlington's status as a center of discovery.

A new era of collaborative research and teaching will soon change the face of UT Arlington. The Engineering Research Building will be a hotbed of ideas and innovation, spurring new discoveries from the minds fused there.

We expect it to foster new collaboration between engineering and science. That is the vision for the facility, College of Engineering Dean Bill Carroll said of the 234,000-square-foot structure that will trail only Nedderman Hall and the Fine Arts Building in size.

College of Science Dean Paul Paulus said many science and engineering disciplines interact.

What it will mean for students is an interdisciplinary approach to education, he said. That access to one another, that interaction is what's exciting for both students and faculty.

What it means to both engineering and science are cutting-edge laboratories that could bring more top-notch faculty and students to the University's doorstep.

Dr. Paulus says it will make recruiting faculty and students easier.

They won't come unless you have the appropriate facility, he said. The best scientists go to the best facilities.

Dr. Carroll believes the $150 million complex will be the jewel in UT Arlington's crown.

It will give considerable visibility and attention to the University, he said. It provides us a better image and broader recognition of what we are doing and translates to more research dollars coming UT Arlington's way.

Construction began in July 2008, with occupancy slated for early 2011. The Engineering Research Building and the expansion of the Engineering Lab Building, combined with the pedestrian walks to the east of Nedderman Hall and south of the lab building, will form an Engineering Research Complex and Engineering Quad, completely transforming the north side of campus.

The transformation isn't without a nod to the University's sustainability efforts. The Engineering Research Building will incorporate earth-friendly features like the capture and storage of rain and condensate water for landscaping. It is being designed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification.