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fulfilling our unlimited potential

Knowledge is a powerful commodity. At
The University of Texas at Arlington, it is a natural resource that has been flowing freely for well over a hundred years—and that has accelerated exponentially during the past decade. Witness the thriving research university that UT Arlington has become and the top-tier institution we continue to build.

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pioneering progress

Before the invention comes the idea, born of a singular discovery moment with life-changing potential. At UT Arlington, our faculty and students receive the resources, support, and encouragement they need to seek such flashes of enlightenment.

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engaging minds, changing lives

UT Arlington's class of 2015 comprises some of the country's brightest and most ambitious students. About 27 percent of these entering freshmen ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating classes, and 70 percent were in the top quarter.

Over the next few years, these future leaders will receive every tool necessary to discover their passions and fulfill their potential.

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empowering communities

Lewis and Clark. Watson and Crick. Gates and Allen. Often, before we can discover new solutions, technologies, or even worlds, we must first find a partner in our exploration. For great universities, such collaborations are vital not only in the academic realm, but also in the surrounding community.

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