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UT Arlington's class of 2015 comprises some of the country's brightest and most ambitious students. About 27 percent of these entering freshmen ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class, and 70 percent were in the top quarter. Over the next few years, these future leaders will receive every tool necessary to discover their passions and fulfill their potential. An outstanding faculty will deliver stimulating learning experiences to help them better understand the world and how to solve its most pressing problems. Engaging student life programs will give them opportunities to become part of a supportive community and make major strides toward career success. Through their continued generosity, our donors will ensure that the classes of 2016, 2017, and beyond experience discovery moments equally as life-changing.


Norman Cobb has made a career of bringing out the best in people. The social work associate professor served seven years as a Methodist minister but changed course when he realized that counseling and teaching—for him, the best parts of the job—are key in the field of social work. Dr. Cobb has amassed numerous awards, including the 2011 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching and the UT System Outstanding Teaching Award in 2009. He's also a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

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