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Before the invention comes the idea, born of a singular discovery moment with life-changing potential. At UT Arlington, our faculty and students receive the resources, support, and encouragement they need to seek such flashes of enlightenment. Researchers from diverse backgrounds bring fresh perspectives and insights. World-class facilities and equipment propel advancements and yield boundary-pushing exploration. Outstanding graduate programs prepare the next wave of innovators, ensuring that progress never stops. By encouraging and nurturing an environment of relentless investigation, UT Arlington is making major breakthroughs in biotechnology, medical diagnostics, and renewable energy, among numerous other fields. These critical developments are transforming lives in myriad, tangible ways.


J.-C. Chiao takes a practical approach to research. When doctors tell him they have a problem, he figures out a solution. This mindset has resulted in several inventions that could aid millions of people suffering from cancer and other diseases. Last year Dr. Chiao became UT Arlington's first recipient of the O'Donnell Award in Engineering from The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas. He also was named a 2011 Tech Titan by the Metroplex Technology Business Council.

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