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Director at English

I have been involved in the field of TESOL since 1977.  Extended stays in Japan and Thailand and time in three US universities.

The other listings below give a good sense of my professional activities.

Florida State University
Multilingual-Multicultural Education (TESOL)
Florida State University
Multilingual-Multicultural Education (TESOL)
Ball State University
January 2000
University of Texas at Arlington
January 1995
January 2000
University of Colorado at Boulder
January 1990
January 1995
Assistant Director
Florida State University
June 2013
Vice President (2013-2014)
University and College Intensive English Programs Consortium
July 1995
NAFSA: Association of International Educators
July 1990
TESOL International Association
June 2013
Vice President of UCIEP (University and College Intensive English Programs consotrium

UCIEP is a professional association of university-governed IEPs in the USA. Vice-President for 2013-14, President for 2014-15, and Past President for 2015-16.

April 2013
Committee member

On Linguistics & TESOL committees in 2000 (to design an MA TESOL program) and search committees in 2004, 2008, 2009, and 2012. On MA TESOL portfolio review committees annually, the last being in spring, 2013.

March 2013
Site reviewer

Beginning in 2000 and finishing in October, 2013, I will have done 10 site review visits.  CEA is the premier accrediting organization for intensive English English programs, both in the USA and overseas.  In addition to being a reviewer for other programs, I have led two programs to become CEA accredited.  The first was the University of Colorado at Boulder, in 2000.  The second is UTA's ELI, in 2012.

March 2012
TESOL, NAFSA, UCIEP and related presentations and articles and chapters

57 presentations given at state, national, and international conferences over the years. I will be an invited speaker at the TESOL Convention in 2014.

Roughly 30 articles and chapters over the years.

December 2010
Fulbright scholars program

From 2008-2010, I reviewed applications for American applicants seeking to teach English overseas with the Fulbright program.

July 2008
Professional Standards Committee

The two-year committee worked from 1986-1988.

May 2005
Professional Development

Served on the board of UCIEP from 2003-2005, focusing on professional development

July 2002
Offices of Graduate Studies Committee to Reduce Bottlenecks in ITA Testi

The committee focused on resolving problems with delays in testing international teaching assistants. The committee's efforts, combined with follow-up efforts by Cheryl Cardell and I led to dramatically reduced bottlenecks and a much improved system.

February 1994

Focus on Business (1992) and Business Watch (1994) were ESL textbooks published by Prentic Hall-Regents.  Point/Counterpoint (1980) was an ESL textbook for Japanese, published by the Tokyo Center for Language and Culture.

Keith Maurice
Expertise is in ESL and EFL teaching, ESL, EFL, and ESP materials, course, and curriculum design, coordination and administration of ESL and EFL programs, testing and assessment, program standards and accreditation,
Many articles, chapters and several textbooks have been published, but none in the last several years. 
Journal Article
March 2014
From IEP Teacher to Administrator: Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, and Tips

The presentation is designed to help faculy who are interested, or who have just begun work, in administration. Since the work of faculty members and administrators can be so different, the session provides an overview of important issues, helpful tips, and a variety of useful references and resources. I organized the session and am presenting with two other administrators in the field.

This is the only presentation I am listing. I have given 57 or more over the years, at TESOL, NAFSA, Thailand TESOL, and many other conferences.

Fall 2013
Office Hours (also by appointment)
This course is designed as a guide to the systematic development of curriculum for teaching English to speakers of other languages in adult and university settings in the USA and overseas. After a brief review of recent trends in ESL curriculum development, the course focuses on specific elements of curricular design and implementation.  Practical issues related to curriculum design are included throughout, in readings, case studies, discussions and tasks.  
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Spring 2009
THis course is designed as a guide to the systematic development of curriculum in adult and university settings as well as to EFL environments overseas. After a brief review of recent trends in ESL curriculum development, the course focus will be on specific elements of curricular design. Those elements include needs analysis, situation analysis, goals and outcomes or objectives, course planning and syllabus design, teaching, materials development, course and program evaluation and change.
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December -
CEA Site Reviewer
Since CEA first developed 52 standards for intensive English programs, CEA has represented a solid dedication to professionalism in the field of TESOL. Serving as a reviewer, one has the opportunity to learn about other programs close-up. In studying whether other programs meet CEA standards, one has the opportunity to reflect on the status of one's own program and how it might keep improving. Similarly UCIEP membership allows for much professional sharing on matters of importance to intensive English programs.