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Faculty Affairs News 029 -- March 5, 2015

Mid-Semester  Grades Reminder

If you entered midterm grades before 5 pm yesterday Thursday March 5, we sincerely thank you!  If you are experiencing trouble due to the campus closure and have yet to enter your grades, please do so as soon as possible.  UT Arlington uses early and midterm progress report grades as an early alert system for freshmen, undeclared students, student athletes and students who are academically at risk this term.  All midterm grades will be shared with undergraduate students’ academic advisors, who will reach out to the low-performing students with advising on university resources, strategic dropping, etc.  Getting your grades in on time is critical to this process. Information on entering grades and screenshots are available at

Promotion and tenure session videos

On February 11th the Division of Faculty Affairs held two Q&A sessions on the promotion and tenure process at UT-Arlington. The University's committee composed of Dr. Ron Elsenbaumer, Dr. Carolyn Cason and Dr. David Silva reviewed approximtaely 36 cases for promotion and promotion and tenure this year. The 1:00 PM session focused on tenure and promotion to associate professor, while the 2:00 session focused on promotion to full professor. Those sessions were recorded and videos of them can be found here: Spring 2015 Promotion and Tenure Sessions.


Sign ups continue to become a certified peer observer. To learn more about the new Peer Observation policy, visit Faculty Peer Observation of Teaching. To sign up for a training session, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence website. Questions about the policy and its implementation can be directed to Dr. Nakia Pope, CTLE Director.


Approximately 175 oral presentations and 85 posters will be unveiled at the 2015 ACES (Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students)  symposium on Wednesday, March 25 at the University Center. Undergraduate and graduate students worked with faculty mentors to write and submit abstracts for this campus-wide competition. The abstracts are reviewed three times before gaining approval, then turned into poster or oral presentations that are eligible for awards in graduate and undergraduate categories.  Additionally, Women's and Gender Studies and the UTA Sustainability Committee offer awards to students with relevant research. Faculty are welcome to attend and encouraged to bring their students to this academic conference. More information is available at

Did You Know...

The decision to grant promotion to full professor is a local decision?  Once the University's committee makes it recommendation to the president, the president's decision is final. In addition, there is no minimum waiting period between receiving tenure and promotion and submission of the dossier for promotion to full professor. Faculty are encouraged to review their departmental guidelines for promotion to full professor and engage with their P&T Depatrmental Chair for an informational discussion.

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