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Faculty Affairs News 045 -- October 15, 2015

The QEP Needs your input

We are happy to announce the launch of the website devoted to our Quality Enhancement Plan! The focus now is gathering input into a theme that captures new initiatives that impact student learning. Go to to leave your suggestions regarding needs, new ideas or projects that can positively impact student learning that may be incorporated into the plan. If you prefer, you can email any suggestions to

annual reviews

UT Arlington's Handbook of Procedures (HOP) calls for annual reviews for all faculty, including tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure track. This is particularly important this academic year as we report our adherence to our policies to SACSCOC as part of our accreditation report.  The HOP states (
All employees of the University shall be evaluated annually each Spring. The annual performance evaluation shall evaluate the employee based on the entire scope of their assigned duties. Employees shall be provided with a copy of their evaluation and have an opportunity to meet with their supervisor to review the results of the evaluation and discuss any plans for improvement. A copy of the annual performance review shall be placed  in the employees personnel file.
The policy includes adjuncts and contract faculty, as well as Graduate Assistants.  Policies for Clinical Faculty are at  Policies for Tenured faculty are available at

Syllabus Update

Please note that there were changes made to the 2015-16 syllabus template that are important for our students. One change is on disability services and the other on Title IX. The disability update provides a broad overview of the services that the Office of Students with Disabilities provides for a range of conditions (Physical, Learning, Chronic Health, Mental Health, and Sensory) that may cause diminished academic performance.  Faculty are encouraged to use the template for their courses as they prepare for Spring 2016 as it includes language that is mandated by UT System as well as by the Texas Legislature.  The template is available on the provost's website (left hand index column) at

campus carry, new budget model and new travel funds

The UT Arlington Faculty Senate had a full agenda at their last meeting including a presentation by John Hall, Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations, on the Campus Carry Legislation. The full meeting minutes are available at

preparing for Fall 2015 student feedback surveys

The Office of Institutional Effectivenss and Reporting will be sending out approximately 115,000 invitations to UT Arlington students seeking their response to Student Feedback Surveys. The first invitation will go out November 24 for Fall semester. Faculty are encouraged to check MyMav to ensure that they are listed as the faculty of record. If there are multiple instructor or GTAs who also wish to receive an SFS, special arrangements need to be made with OIER by contacting Dr. Araya Maurice at or Arnita Williams at

Please note that students in dynamic dated classes as well as those in courses that do not end on the official last day of classes (Dec. 29) will receive their SFS email notifications one week before the end of class.

free flu shotS

The University of Texas at Arlington is partnering with Catapult Health to provide free, quick and confidential preventive health checkups and annual flu shots right here at our workplace. Appointments are available at the Maverick Activity Center on November 5 and November 6, 2015.  These checkups and flu shots are available to all employees covered under the UT Select Medical Plan at no charge. Click on this link to schedule your appointment.

Nominees sought for UT System academy of distinguished teachers

Each year, the UT System selects four to six faculty to be a part of the prestigious UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers. UTA will send forward two of our outstanding faculty to be considered for the award. If you are a previous recipient of the UT Regent's Outstanding Teaching Award and wish to be considered for the UT System Academy, contact Ken Roemer ( for more information about the process.

Did you know

....that romantic relationships between faculty and advisors and the students they supervise, teach or advise are prohibited at the University of Texas at Arlington?  These situations may lead to situations that lead to sexual harassment, conflicts of interest, favoritism and low morale, and for that reason are prohibited and sanctionable. For more information, please see UT Arlington's HOP 5-511.V. Consensual Relationships.

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