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Women Faculty and Staff Network

The mission of the Women’s Faculty and Staff Network is to empower women and female identified faculty, both tenure and non-tenure stream, and full time staff by advocating for opportunities to advance their professional development in research, teaching, and service, while balancing their personal, career, physical, and mental health demands at the University of Texas Arlington.

The WFSN provides a university-wide forum for the discussion of ideas and mutual concerns of women faculty. The WFSN utilizes its collective wisdom and experience to inform policymaking at the university and is a key network from which the administration can gain vital input regarding policies that affect women across campus. 

The membership of the WFSN is open to any University faculty member or staff member who supports the WFSN mission. All full-time women faculty, both tenure and non-tenure stream, and full time staff at the University are automatically members unless they choose otherwise. Other members may join by alerting any member of the WFSN Executive Team of their interest. Members who actively participate in the organization’s activities will be recognized with a certificate of participation on an annual basis to include in their service to the university. The WFSN shall work closely with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Division of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources to perpetuate this organization’s mission and purpose.

A combination of WFSN meetings and workshops will occur at least six times during the academic year on leadership skills, mentoring, work life balance, and/or issues of concern to faculty and staff. The members will provide recommendations on topics of interest to them. 

high density megacity


High-density megacities

What will the city of the future look like? UT Arlington professors believe they’ll feature high-rise structures with levels of greenery and aerial trams that zoom workers straight to high-tech offices.

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