Forms to File for Master Program

Graduate School Forms to File for Master’s Program (PDF version)

Please make sure the office receives a copy for your file.
Most forms can be found on the Graduate Virtual Advisor at
Form to File When to File Description
Master's Thesis Proposal Before you propose your thesis. Departmental form only. Committee members will sign it after successful proposal.
Request for Scheduling of the Final Master's Examination See Graduate School Calendar Departmental form only.
Final Master's Examination Report See Graduate School Calendar Submit signed form to Graduate Academic Advisor.
Request for Change of Graduate Program or Degree Level After completing 30 hours Submit signed form to graduate school.
Application for Graduation See Graduate School Calendar Submit signed form to graduate school.
Thesis/Dissertation Data Sheet See Graduate School Calendar Submit to graduate school.
Thesis/Dissertation Submissions See Graduate School Calendar Submit electronically to the Library
Intellectual Property Statement Form Submit signed form anytime during the semester of graduation. Submit electronically to the ETD Coordinators.
University Microfilm Agreement / Copyright See Graduate School Calendar  
Diagnostic Evaluation Report Diagnostic Examination or Major Area Paper (MAP) for approval to continue with doctoral graduate studies.

Signed form submitted by the Graduate Academic Advisor after the Diagnostic Examination or MAP have been passed.