Dr. Andy Baum Memorial
Bioassay Clinical Research Laboratory
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based on full plates (40 samples run in replicate)

  • HS Human TNF alpha: $22.00 per sample
  • HS Human IL-6: $22.00 per sample
  • HS Human IL-1 beta: $22.00 per sample
  • Human BDNF: $18.00 per sample
  • Human CRP: $17.00 per sample
  • Human Salivary Testosterone: $9.00 per sample
  • HS Human Salivary Cortisol: $9.00 per sample


Blood collection:

  • Blood draws for plasma: $6.00 per sample
  • Blood draws for serum: $5.50 per sample
  • Processing of whole blood for plasma or serum: $5.00 per sample

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