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Beginning August 3rd, the Psychology Department will be open from 10AM to 3PM. Masks will be required by all visitors

The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington


Dr. Matt Robison

Research Description

My research examines some fundamental questions regarding the human cognitive system. I focus largely on two core cognitive abilities: attention control and working memory. More specifically, my research tries to understand why people differ in these cognitive abilities. Why is it difficult for people to sustain and control their attention? How do our attention and memory systems interact to give rise to complex cognitive processes? Recently, I have become particularly interested in determining what brain systems might drive individual differences in cognitive ability. To answer these questions, I use a combination of behavioral experiments, psychophysiological experiments (e.g., EEG, pupillometry), and individual differences methods (e.g., factor analysis, linear mixed modeling, structural equation modeling).

If you are interested in helping conduct this research, please contact me! I am welcoming new undergraduate research assistants into my lab in Fall 2020, and I will be accepting applications for Ph.D. students to begin in Fall 2021.