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For the Spring semester, The Department of Psychology will be open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm. Advising will be conducted through email and MS Teams. For general questions, please contact us at (817-272-2281)

The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington


Industrial/Organizational Research

The I/O Faculty


Dr. Nicolette Hass, Professor of Practice of Psychology and I/O Program Director

Prior to joining UT Arlington in 2007, Dr. Hass consulted for several years for a large multinational aeronautics organization. That experience was integral to the formation of her teaching and mentoring philosophy, which ultimately led to her current role as Professor of Practice. With a focus on the application of I/O, one of her primary roles is managing The Industrial and Organizational Psychology Center which connects the business community with the I/O Master’s students.


Dr. Amber Schroeder, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Schroeder’s primary research interests are in the area of technology use in organizational settings. Her research focuses on the implications of organizational online social media use, with further interests in the occurrence of both prosocial and antisocial employee behaviors using a virtual medium. She has also conducted research on employee personality and individual culture. In addition, Dr. Schroeder has worked with various organizations on projects related to employee training, selection tool validation, and organizational policy development.

Dr. Schroeder's research interests:

    • Technology-based employee selection methods (e.g., social media screening)
    • Novel work arrangements (e.g., gig work, virtual work)
    • Prosocial and antisocial employee behavior
    • Personality and individual culture



Dr. Logan L. Watts

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Watts's research focuses on the topics of leadership, ethics, and creativity/innovation in organizations. For example, he studies the processes by which leaders impact ethical decision making and creative problem solving, as well as depictions of leadership and creativity in popular media. He has also worked with a variety of organizations in functions related to culture assessment, talent management, and training and development.

 Dr. Watt's research interests:

      • Leadership
      • Ethical decision making
      • Creative problem solving


Rachel Baldridge

Rachel Baldridge

Assistant Professor of Instruction

My primary interests include competency modeling development and applications, personnel selection, as well as intergroup contact. Currently, my primary focus on UTA is the development of partnerships with organizations in the Dallas Metroplex for giving students the invaluable opportunity of applied experience during their time at UTA. In addition, I serve as the graduate advisor to the I/O Master's Program.



Dr. Paul Paulus, Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Dr. Paulus has done extensive research on group and team creativity and innovation.  He has conducted a number of workshops on these issues and can facilitate applied projects with organizations in these areas. He is also an expert on environmental design.  He has consulted in the past with a number of national and international organizations on both environmental design and innovation processes.