Sponsors support research with major funding

Andrew WhiteDepartment of EnergyResearch in Experimental Elementary Particle Physics $3,040,000
Ronald Elsenbaumer Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency (DARPA)
Nanostructured Magnetic, Electronic,and Optical Materials and Devices $2,350,000
J. Ping LiuArmy Research OfficeNovel Approaches to the Synthesis, Processing and Applications of Nanocomposite Magnets$2,339,708
Don LilesNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyManufacturing Extension Partnership$2,226,688
Farhad KamangarHealth and Human Services CommissionConnect—A Personal Remote Messaging and Monitoring Infrastructure to Serve Persons with Disabilities$2,112,533
Ronald ElsenbaumerDepartment of the Air ForceNanotechnology Instrumentation Acquisition$2,066,500
Barbara Benjamin-TrevinoDepartment of EducationEducational Oppurtunity Center$2.041,007
Kathryn HeadDepartment of EducationRonald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program$1,604,578
Kaushik DeBrookhaven National LaboratoryConstruction of the Intermediate Tile Calorimeter for ATLAS$1,551,700
Sanjay Awasthi National Institutes of HealthMechanism of Drug Transport in Lung Cancer Cells$1,540,739
Robert GatchelDepartment of the ArmyMusculoskeletal Pain Treatment in a Military Population$1,429,271
Luis RosadoDepartment of EducationThe Bilingual Early Childhood Education Program (BEEP)$1,160,000
Diane CookNational Science FoundationMavHome: Development of an Intelligent Home Environment$1,159,958
This list includes some recent UT Arlington projects funded at $1 million or more.