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QEP Initiatives

PLC Faculty Fellows 2017-2021


Group 1 

PLC 2021 Group 1


Top Row: Melanie Mason - College of Liberal Arts; Andy Milson - College of Liberal Arts; Fajar Jaafari - College of Science; Beth Fleener - CRTLE

Botttom Row: Karla Arenas-Itotia - School of Social Work; Kenyatta Young Dawson - Office of Undergraduate Research; Dennis Maher - College of Liberal Arts; Mary Curtis - College of Education

Group 2 

PLC 2021 Group 2


Top Row: Kiva Harper - School of Social Work; Nali Kim - CRTLE; Soyla Santos - Division of Student Success

Middle Top: Peggy Semingson - College of Liberal Arts

Middle Bottom: Nila Veerabathina - College of Science 

Bottom Row: Amy Anderson - College of Education; Cindy Woody - College of Education; Ritu Khanduri - College of Liberal Arts; De'An Roper - School of Social Work

Group 3

PLC 2021 Group 3


Top Row: Grace Brannon - College of Liberal Arts; Kim Breuer - College of Liberal Arts; Justin Dellinger - College of Science 

Middle Row: Roger Gans - College of Liberal Arts; Becky Garner - College of Nursing and Health Innovation; Brian Horton - College of Liberal Arts 

Bottom Row: Kendra Wallis - College of Engineering; Monica Zhan - College of Liberal Arts 


Group 1

Headshots of PLC Group 1 membersL-R

Row 1: Melanie Mason (Facilitator) - College of Liberal Arts; Gerard Koffi - College of Science; Grace Brannon - College of Liberal Arts

Row 2: Kenyatta Dawson - Office of VP Research; Liwei Zhang - College of Engineering; Jorge Rodriguez - Office of Chief Financial Officer

Row 3: Cynthia St John - College of Business; Fajer Jaafari - College of Science

Group 2

Headshots of the Group 2 PLC faculty


Row 1: Peggy Semingson (Co-facilitator) - College of Education; Becky Garner - College of Nursing and Health Innovation; Cynthia Woody - College of Education

Row 2: Soyla Santos - Division of Student Success; LaShaunn Bold - School of Social Work

Row 3: Christy Spivey - College of Business; Brian Horton - College of Liberal Arts

Row 4: Nila Veerabthina (Co-facilitator) - College of Science; Rita Khanduri - College of Liberal Arts

Not pictured: Kim Jones - College of Liberal Arts

Group 3

Headshots of PLC Group 3 members L-R

Row 1: Martin Wallace - Library; Kim Breuer - College of Liberal Arts

Row 2: LaDonna Aiken - College of Liberal Arts; Kendra Wallis - College of Engineering

Row 3: Roger Gans - College of Liberal Arts; Monica Zhan - College of Liberal Arts; Justin Dellinger - LINK Research Lab (Facilitator)


Head shots of 2018-2019 PLC members


Row 1: Roxanne Zascavage - College of Liberal Arts; Martin Wallace - Library; LaShaunn Bold - School of Social Work; Melanie Mason - College of Liberal Arts (Face-to-face group facilitator)

Row 2: Monica Zhan - College of Liberal Arts; LaDonna Aiken - College of Liberal Arts; Peggy Semingson - College of Education (Online group co-facilitator); Karen Allmond - College of Education

Row 3: Melynda Hutchings - College of Nursing and Health Innovation; Roger Gans - College of Liberal Arts; Kim Breuer - College of Liberal Arts; Dennis Maher - College of Liberal Arts

Row 4: Nila Veerabthania - College of Science (Online group co-facilitator); Kendra Wallis - College of Engineering; Christy Spivey - College of Business; Becky Garner - College of Nursing and Health Innovation;


This is a picture of the PLC community

Row 1: Peggy Semingson (Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction); Kathryn Beebe (Dept. of History); Andrew Clark (Dept. of Communication); Trey Thomas (Dept. of Political Science).

Row 2:  Ana Gregario-Cano (Dept. of Modern Languages); Erika Pribanic-Smith (Dept. of Communication); Daniel Scarpace (Dept. of Linguistics); Roxanne Zascavage (Dept. of Criminology/Criminal Justice).

Row 3: Kathryn Pole (Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction); Kim Breuer (Dept. of History); Bonnie Boardman (Dept. of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems); Becky Garner (Dept. of Kineseology).