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Student Teamwork Guide

Student Teamwork Guide, Front Image

A central part of our Quality Enhancement Plan is an open-access Student Teamwork Guide developed by UTA faculty,  staff, and students for anyone teaching in courses that involve collaboration. The guide is modular so that instructors can use the whole guide for use in a class, or choose the sections that may be relevant.

We also offer a companion Instructor Guide with case studies, class exercises, and lesson plans for anyone interested in enhancing and assessing teamwork. 


Since Fall 2019, the Teamwork Guide has been used in all of our first year experience courses (UNIV 1131) which are primarily taught by Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) with faculty assistance. These PAL's have developed lesson plans for using the guide and introducing teamwork into the courses. You can find a sample of the lesson plans in the UTA Library Research Common's repository by following this link.

Over 6,000 students used the guide in some form in their courses. Surveys and reflections were used to measure our Student Learning Outcomes. Data from the surveys is being analyzed and will be released soon. You can view the Student Teamwork Guide here.