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Blue Bullet Maintain competitiveness in the global economy through innovation edges and knowledge transfer for problem solving.

Blue Bullet By clustering, companies can innovate more rapidly because they draw on the local networks that link technology, resources, information and talent. RSP is the necessary link to identify these resources.

    • Blue Bullet RSP can act as a science and technology clearinghouse of assets and activities that can be utilized in larger regional development and other cluster related initiatives of the company.

    • Blue Bullet  RSP is a knowledge and “technology pull” to solve problems of the company or the individual.

    • Blue Bullet The most important advantage to clustering is the access to innovation, knowledge, and know-how.
      In the New Economy— defined by knowledge-intensive traditional and emerging industries—companies look for their main competitive advantages in access to ideas and talent, which requires geographic proximity to professional colleagues, cutting-edge suppliers, highly skilled labor pools, research and development facilities, and industry leaders. Industry-specific knowledge and know-how accumulate and disperse through entrepreneurial areas and innovative companies. Clustering gives firms quicker information about advances in technologies and changes in customer or consumer preferences. Not incidentally, it reduces transaction costs. RSP will provide instant access to this information.

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