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Student Services

Processing Times

The information below is in regard to the processing times of Enrollment Verifications or Letters of Intent, and for name changes, SSN updates/changes, and address updates that have been submitted to the Office of Records and Registration online.  Please be aware that processing times listed may be longer during busier times of the year.  

The processing time begins on the day we receive your completed request, including all required items.  For example, if you submit a request for an enrollment verification on May 1st but don't submit your photo ID or handwritten signature until May 5th, the processing time does not begin until May 5th.  If you submit a request and fail to include all required items, you will be notified via email from the Office of Records and Registration within 3 business days of receipt.  You can send the missing items back to us by replying to the email you received and adding the required items as attachments.  

Type of Request Enrollment Verification/Letter of Intent Name Change/Correction SSN Update/Correction All other record changes (email, address, DOB, gender, etc.)
Processing Time 10 Business Days 7 Business Days 7 Business Days 7 Business Days

**There is no need to contact the Office of Records and Registration regarding the status of your request unless it is outside of the processing time listed.