Lillian Sheldon


Major: Kinesiology 

Graduation Year: May 2020

Goals: Attend a Masters of Occupational Therapy program, later to receive PhD 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pricila Caçola, Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs, Director of the Developmental Motor Cognition Lab/ Little Mavs Movement Academy, Department of Kinesiology


Current Research:

Pilot Intervention Study in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder


Research Description:

An eight-week intervention program studying the effects of motor imagery training and CO-OP training in children with Development Coordination Disorder. Children will be working on one daily living skill and one sport-related skill in a individualized program where they will be asked questions involving how they specifically must move and function for an outcome to be achieved. This will hopefully lead to further independence from further therapies as well as improve overall mental health, social interactions with peers, and greater improvements in other daily and sport skills.