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Research Centers

Research Services and Instrumentation

Center of Innovation
TMAC is a local Texas resource to address the challenges of today's hyper-competitive business environment. Cut cost. Be efficient. Achieve profitable growth. Our cost effective services give you the tools to be competitive. Whether it is a spot solution or total transformation, all technical assistance and training is customized to fit your objectives. TMAC WORKS WITH YOU TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY, QUALITY, AND PROFITABILITY. Learn more >

Cross Timbers Procurement
Cross Timbers Procurement Center (CTP)
, which serves as a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), is funded in part through a cooperative agreement from the Department of Defense (DOD) through a program that is administered by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Learn more >

UTARI (The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute) bridges the gap between academic research and product development in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing, Biomedical Technologies, Robotics, and Energy/Water/Environment and is a major source of research revenue for UT Arlington). We collaborate with UT Arlington faculty to promote undergraduate and graduate education by providing opportunities for exciting and stimulating research and development. We also collaborate with government, industry, and university partners to facilitate early stage product development in our four disciplines. We host symposiums, consortia, and events to bring together our partners to focus on specific issues. We concentrate on developing and maintaining a talented workforce for not just UTARI but for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We provide opportunities for our partners by having an interdisciplinary team of engineers working together in a state-of-the-art facility.  Learn more >

Shimadzu Institute

The Shimadzu Institute for Research Technologies builds on the recently established $6.7 million Shimadzu Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry and the affiliated Shimadzu Distinguished Professorship in Analytical Chemistry at UT Arlington. With $7.5 million from UT System and $11 million from UT Arlington, the complete partnership will total $25.2 million. The Institute will provide UT Arlington, UT System institutions, and the industrial and educational enterprise throughout Texas with a complete suite of state-of-the-art instrumentation, support services, and expertise in one convenient location. The partnership will bring to UT Arlington equipment and software. The holistic and interdisciplinary approach that the Institute for Research Technologies provides is essential to drive leading-edge research and education. Learn more >

North Texas Genome Center

The North Texas Genome Center represents a collaborative venture between multiple universities, medical centers, and corporate partners to establish a center of excellence for genomics and high throughput sequencing. The center is opening to customers in the Spring of 2018, and will eventually transition to UTA’s new 220,000-square-foot Science and Engineering Innovation and Research (SEIR) Building, a world-class research and teaching facility scheduled to open later in 2018.

At the core of the cutting edge center, five Illumina NovaSeq-6000 genome sequencing instruments will facilitate a projected sequencing capacity equivalent to 25,000 human genomes per year.

The center also includes technical and administrative staff, along with multiple instruments that automate the processing of biological samples to facilitate very high throughput capacity at excellent economy and scale.

Together with in house and system-based computational infrastructure, the center is directly linked via high capacity fiber to internet service, which rapidly and efficiently delivers data in real time to customers in a cloud-based computing environment (Illumina BaseSpace), where they may readily download and further analyze their data. Learn more >

Featured Inventors

Optical tweezer development

Optical tweezer developmentLaser ‘tweezer’ cell manipulation could lead to better drug delivery.. Read more...

Researchers detect disposition for cancers with nanotechnology

disposition for cancersDr. Samir Iqbal, left, and Dr. Shawn Christensen are working on a collaborative project that more accurately detects certain types of cancer.. Read more...

Artiman Ventures brings the vision of Silicon Valley startups to UTA

Artiman Ventures Amit ShahSilicon Valley investment group Artiman Ventures will hold a two-day session at The University of Texas at Arlington on April 7-8 to brainstorm with faculty, students and local entrepreneurs on how to help move new technologies to the marketplace.Read more...

UTA chemists devise safer, “greener” and more efficient system to synthesize organic compounds used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and household chemicals

Morteza Khaledi, dean of UTA's College of ScienceChemists at The University of Texas at Arlington have devised a safer, more environmentally friendly, less expensive and more efficient water-based system for the synthesis of organic compounds typically used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, plastics, textiles and household chemicals.Read more...