About RAID Labs!

RAID Labs was established in 2011 under Dr. Erick Jones at the University of Texas at Arlington. Immediately after gaining the labs, setup began and experiments were being run by undergraduates, graduates and PHD students alike. Current projects are involved in the areas of healthcare as well as factory lines, to name a few. The lab is currently also working on phone apps to help identify RFID tags.

Research Division

  • Logistics:
  • RFID enables industries and other consumers to effortlessly track their supply chain and maintain their inventory. The technology also allows unique tracking of a product, which may prove beneficial to track it if it turns out to be defective. Because scanning and inventory control is much faster with RFID, it can also be integrated with wireless communication systems and real-time inventory management systems. The Logistics division at RAID labs is equipped with various types of readers, antennas and a supply chain conveyor system to simulate the real-life logistics environment.

  • Smart Hospital:
  • RFID has several applications in the healthcare industries such as small and large asset tracking, staff tracking, infants tracking, sleep monitoring, health monitoring and many more. The state-of-the-art smart hospital facility at RAID labs are equipped with modern manikins that are used to perform healthcare research projects.

  • Manufacturing:
  • Manufacturing systems have huge number of data flowing throughout the processes. RFID helps improve the quality and transparency of data across the manufacturing supply chain. With a wide variety of RFID tags of different shapes and sizes, RAID labs is fully equipped to execute a reliable track and trace in challenging physical environments such as the manufacturing shop floor.

  • Cyber-Security:
  • RFID systems are now widely used and can be considered a part of the information system universe. With this inclusion, there arises a necessity to secure the information. The deployment of a successful RFID initiative must also be strong when it comes to information security. Research scholars and students at RAID labs are constantly working on increasing the security of the cyberspace using RFID technology.

Some other focuses of the lab are:

  • Supply Chain Logistics/Supply Chain (warehouse location) Analysis for city government.
  • Engineering Management-Productivity tool that measures the productivity of engineers and knowledge workers based on behavioral characteristics.
  • RFID in the Mechanical Contracting Industry-Asset tracking development funded by the Mechanical Contracting Educational Research Fund (MCERF).

Previous/Planned Equipment:

  • Military grade Fixed and Mobile Active RFID Systems (Lockheed Martin -Savi technologies, RF Code)
  • Industry grade high speed automated conveyor (Hytrol conveyor)
  • Industry recognized RFID edgeware, ERP and WMS systems, (Global Concepts)
  • Walmart/DOD mandated standard fixed and mobile passive RFID systems (Alien Technologies, Matrics)
  • Hospital tracking location systems (Ubisense Ultra Wide Band Real Time Location System)
  • Building modifications - automated locks and MavID

Facilities and Environment

The healthcare research cell within the RFID laboratory contains Smart hospital beds, mannequins, and custom-built multi-frequency (433MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz) RFID Smart Shelves for researching the applications of automatic identification technologies in the healthcare sector.