Patents & Products

RFID Receptable Reader

How do you know you have taken all your meds? When you throw away the bottle or the package for the meds if they are smart packages or bottles the trash receptacle can text your smart phone and could even contact your pharmacist to intiate a refill. This project seeks to build on the precursor to the smart tagged pills concepts that have been described in our research.

Smart locating RFID/GPS backpack

Based on the 5 years of RFID at NASA, this concept focuses on the student when he loses his backpack. You are on campus and you realize you lost your backpack; Depending on how sophisticated your University has become you can use GPS and RFID to not only find your backpack but determine if someone has removed any item previously tageed with RFID.

RFBam Identification System - Tracking pipe in the oil supply chain

Piping is expensive and using the traditional production and inventory control theories to warehouse these large pipeline products for offshore and onshore is not valid without real time traceability. This traceability must include materials management, warehousing, trucking, servicing and locating at the onshore or offshore location. Generally the pipes are stored outside in an unorganized fashion and without some type of advanced radio technology due to the daunting cost of GPS systems. We seek to use autonomous tracking from the traceability points in the supply chain to reduce these large inventory losses.