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teacher and students in classroom


The University can do a great deal to support victims of sexual and relationship violence and to encourage an environment that is intolerant of these acts. Victims have been traumatized and, as a result, require sensitive care for their medical, psychological, and legal needs following victimization. Within the University community, it is imperative to support victims in their recovery from the trauma of sexual and/or relationship violence and to do so with an attitude of care and concern.

Although it is tremendously important to offer services and resources to students and to encourage them to seek assistance, it is imperative that you allow the student to choose what course of action they would like to take. Giving power back to the student is a vital step in the healing process. Please contact the Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention (RVSP) Program with any questions you may have.

Initial Contact with Survivors of Sexual and/or Relationship Violence

If a student comes to you and discloses an incident of sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking, it’s because he/she trusts you and needs your assistance, encouragement, and support. If a student has not disclosed an abusive or assault occurrence but you have concerns, please do not ignore the problem.

Believe Them. Be Available. Be Considerate. Assure the Student. Be the Student’s Advocate.

Behavior Intervention Team

The Behavior Intervention Team provides a systematic response to students whose behavior is disruptive to themselves or the environment, or who may be in violation of UT Arlington Code of Conduct.

Behavior Intervention Team