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UTA logo with flagsWhat is the Staff Advisory Council (SAC)?

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is an elected group of staff members who serve as representatives of the staff at UTA. The Council acts as a channel of communication for the staff and the University administration. The Council keeps the President and other administrators advised on needs and interests of the staff. The Council strives to inform the staff about relevant issues at UTA. The Council makes recommendations on specific institutional issues and on general grievance policies but does not act on individual grievance issues. SAC was established in 1993 and is one of five representative bodies at the University.

Who can serve on SAC?  What is the election process?

Council representatives and alternates must be regular employees appointed "one-half time" or more. Eligible staff includes all "classified" employees and certain administrative and professional employees (typically no director-level or above). Faculty and Associates of the Faculty are not eligible. Council representation is divided into districts based on direct-reporting structure - i.e. the Vice President or Dean that the department reports to.

Elections for representatives occur annually around June or July. Representatives serve a two-year term. Therefore, there is a cycle "A" (Academic districts) in which half of SAC representatives are elected in even-numbered years, and cycle "B" (non-Academic districts) in which the other half are elected in odd-numbered years. 

The election process involves the following: nominations, SAC validates with those nominated of their interest to pursue the representative seat, elections open and voting commences.  Those with most votes are elected as representative, and those with the next highest votes are able to serve as alternates.  SAC notifies staff when nominations and elections begin via MavWire and it's ListServ. 

When are the meetings?

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Student Congress Chambers located in the lower level of the University Center. All University staff are encouraged and invited to attend. Alternates of the council are especially urged to attend these meetings to keep current on the Council's happenings.

How is SAC organized?

Officers are elected annually from the Council membership to serve a one-year term.  The executive offices are Chair, Vice-Chair, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. The Past Chair Serves as an advisor to the Council and the Executive Committee for one year. Representatives interested in being nominated as officers are encouraged to contact one of the council members or officers prior to the September elections. SAC is made up of four Standing Committees plus Ad Hoc Committees appointed by the Executive Committee as needed. The committees and their responsibilities are:

  • Executive Committee - composed of the officers and chairs of the Standing Committees.
  • Communications - manages public relations, publicity, media liaison, and the SAC Newsletter.
  • Benefits - handles issues concerning staff benefits, makes recommendations, refers items as necessary. The Director of Human Resources or delegate serves as an ex-officio member of this committee.
  • Staff Development - promotes staff training programs such as career and professional development, diversity training, and professional development. The Director of Human Resources or delegate serves as an ex-officio member.
  • Outreach Committee - handles the service projects that offer UT Arlington employees an opportunity to volunteer in our community.
  • Parking Committee - addresses staff member's concerns regarding parking and makes recommendations to the Council. Works to increase campus awareness of parking issues.