The University of Texas at Arlington

Staff Advisory Council


Delivering a Customer-focused Organization in HR

By: Zinna Butcher and Janay Davis


Human Resources is expanding its customer-focused organization by incorporating core values, learning and development, and streamlined processes under the leadership of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Jewel Washington. With over 200 HR processes and 35 email accounts producing 10,946 messages in a month, Human Resources is: (1) identifying opportunities for efficiencies, (2) consolidating processes, and (3) reducing redundancies.

“We’re focused on providing timely and more responsive customer service and simplifying issue resolutions," said Donny Beasley, the Executive Director of Human Resources for HR records, data management, international employment, and talent acquisition. One of the HR initiatives is to create the HR Service Center, a single point of contact designed to assist staff and faculty with providing answers and resolving issues. The service center will allow for data-driven decisions based on information gathered from calls, feedback, and analytics.” With data-driven decisions, Human Resources can take proactive steps to resolve issues, improve operational efficiency, and realize cost-saving opportunities. 

Beasley continues to explain, ”Our goal is to be an exceptional partner and resource for our staff and faculty. In Human Resources, we strive to be a responsive, fair, and consistent organization that can look at things from our client’s perspective. To accomplish this goal, Human Resources has taken steps to restructure teams, hire new representatives, and train existing staff.” The training aligns new and existing representatives to its core values: (1) people-focused, (2) team-focused, (3) professional business expertise, (4) innovation, and (5) flexibility. Human Resources is implementing targeted role-based training plans and mandatory customer service training for all HR associates.

Donny Beasley expressed the importance of feedback and the role of the Staff Advisory Board (SAC), “We are listening to your feedback gathered from SAC and other avenues to make the necessary changes that align to our newly-formed core values while adhering to federal, state, and regulatory policies. I hope that staff and faculty continue to provide feedback and partner with us on change.”