The University of Texas at Arlington

Staff Advisory Council

SAC Star

Do you know an outstanding staff member who shows a commitment and passion to the university? Each month Staff Advisory Council recognizes a "SAC STAR" as the embodiment of the UTA Maverick spirit. Nominate exceptional individuals below. 


November 2020:

The following SAC Stars won in the Spring prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are celebrating them this month.

Kathryn Lowrey (VP of Administration and Campus Operations)

Kathryn Lowrey has been with UTA for over 14 years.  Her main duty is to assign classrooms for hundreds of ongoing classes in the Division, which she does with aplomb. She also assists the front office with answering phones and assisting our students.  Kathryn truly personifies what it means to be a Maverick.


Nolan Brett (OIT)

Nolan Brett is super dedicated to our Students, Faculty and Staff.  OIT recently implemented Multi-Factor Authentication for MyMav and O365. This generated increased call volume and escalation to the Help Desk.  Nolan was working evenings, weekends, and even the MLK Holiday to help support our clients.  Nolan’s support and commitment to our clients was inspiring.  There were a few occasions when I felt like I was running out of gas and I would look up and see Nolan’s commitment and drive and that helped keep me going.  Having an employee like Nolan makes me want to be a better manager.


Christopher Templeton (OIT)

 Christopher Templeton of OIT holding SAC Star award and goodie bag

Christopher Templeton embodies the UTA Maverick Spirit.  He works diligently to serve the UTA community  by providing excellent help and support for all who contact the help desk.  Chris is not only knowledgeable about systems, he provides excellent customer service.  Each time I reach out to the help desk, Chris is always there to help.  He has a real passion for helping others and it shows in his daily work ethic.  A great example of his care and desire to serve UTA is the Teams Communication Guide.  Christopher saw a need through his daily work and went out of his was to make it a reality.  He encounters callers daily that have question about Teams and realized that we needed to tool that would help users understand what it is and how it could be used.  He was the catalyst that lead to the collaborative project between OIT and SAC.  This kind of behavior demonstrated skill from each area of the principles of community and should be acknowledged and celebrated.


April 2019:

Yael Sasley (Department of English)

SAC Star Yael Sasley

March 2019:

Melissa Rose (Computer Science & Engineering)

February 2019:

Sherri Gotcher (Computer Science & Engineering) & Charlie Brooks (Procurement)

SAC Star Sherri GotcherSAC Star Charlie Brooks

December 2018:

Valerie Adame (School of Social Work), Carla Monk (OIT Dev/Ops), and Priscila Walsh (UTARI Financial Ops)

SAC Star Valerie AdameSAC Star Carla MonkSAC Star Priscila Walsh

November 2018:

Terri Earle (Administrative Services Office, Electrical Engineering)

SAC Star Terri Earle

October 2018:

Rhett Swarb (University Center Special Programs)

SAC Star Rhett Swarb



April 2018:

Carmen Blackwell

SAC Star Carmen Blackwell


January 2018:

Verta Brown (College of Science) & Yvonne Dillan (Human Resources)

SAC Star Verta BrownSAC Star Yvonne Dillon