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College of Science

SLC: Career Section

Career materials offered by the SLC

  • Audio
    • The films of Charles and Ray Eames, 743304ca
  • Books
    • Psychology: careers for the twenty-first century, 627777ca
    • A better beginning supporting and mentoring new teachers, 1128101ca
    • Talking about leaving. why undergraduates leave the sciences., 1128102ca
    • Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations, 1128103ca
    • Medical odysseys. the different and sometimes unexpected pathways to 20th century medical discoveries, 1128104ca
    • Final choices. to live or to die in an age of medical technology, 1128105ca
    • Iserson's getting into a residency. a guide for medical students, 1128106ca
    • Medicine women, 1128107ca
    • Kill as few patients as possible, 1128108ca
    • The coming plague. newly emerging diseases in a world out of balance, 1128109ca
    • Making the most of college. students speak their minds, 1128110ca
    • Get into medical school, 1128111ca
    • Science for all children, 1128112ca
    • Ethics in emergency medicine, 1128113ca
    • H.O.T. jobs, 927304ca
    • Opportunities in biotechnology careers, 926001ca
    • So what are you going to do with that, 926002ca
    • Difco manual, 123353ca
    • Bergy's manual of determinative bacteriology, 129001ca
    • Bergy's manual of systematic bacteriology, 129002ca
    • Manual of microbiological methods, 129003ca
    • Difco manual, 1215350ca
    • Ecology the environmental crisis, 129003ca
    • Manual of clinical microbiology, 129004ca
    • The Complete Cladist, 129005ca
    • The visual display of quantitative information, 125310ca
    • Webster's new world dictionary, 129006ca
    • Essential cosmic perspective, 723304cawallace
  • DVD
    • Navy medical corps: excellence in practice, 9376001ca
    • Powerpoint and animation files for essential cosmic perspective, 733304ca
  • Video
    • Healthy careers, 917200ca
    • The emerging careers library, 917201ca
    • The Parker College, 917202ca
    • Careers for the 21st century, 917203ca
    • The medical marketplace, 917204ca
    • The human condition, 917205ca
    • Meridian education corporation, 916003ca
    • Careers for geoscientists, 9111115ca
    • Careers for chemists, 9111119ca
    • Careers in mathematics, 9111111ca
    • Careers for physicists, 9111112ca
    • Fundamentals of anatomy & physiology, 9116079ca

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