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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science

SLC: Faculty Section

Faculty materials offered by the SLC

  • Books
    • Engaging large classes, 825007fa
    • Active learning: creating excitement in the classroom, 825003fa
    • Successful science and engineering teaching in colleges and universities, 825006fa
    • Taking student expectations seriously, 825008fa
    • Mini guide on practical ways to promote active and cooperative learning, 825001fa
    • Using active learning in college classes: a range of options for faculty, 825004fa
    • Teaching tips by mckeachie, 825002fa
    • The course syllabus, 825005fa
    • Learning reconsidered - #2, 825010fa
    • Learning reconsidered, 825009fa
    • Leaving the lectern, 825012fa
    • Assessing student learning, 825013fa
    • Our underachieving colleges, 825011fa
    • The generation effect, 825014fa
  • DVD
    • Developing administrative unit assessment plans, 836004fa
    • Establishing and assessing faculty expectations for student learnaing at the course level, 836002fa
    • Program assessment and insitut., 836003fa
  • Instructor Resources
    • Nontraditional careers for chemists, 857300tx
    • Texas emerging & evolving occupations, 857303tx
  • Other Resources