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About Us

About Us - Department of Data Science

The Data Science program is an initiative, created by UTA College of Science Dean Morteza Khaledi, which aims to provide students the opportunity to receive comprehensive training in the exciting field of Data Science. The program is a joint effort bringing together faculty from all six of the College of Science’s departments – Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

The Data Science program is intended for students with interests in any of the fields of study represented in the College of Science, as well as from other colleges across UTA's diverse campus, who want to obtain training in modern principles and techniques of data-driven discovery.

The College is planning to offer a B.S. degree program, and will offer a minor in Data Science starting in Fall 2020. Students will be able to design and pursue analytical strategies, and will be able to reach meaningful results, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations, which they can communicate effectively in oral and written forms to diverse disciplinary audiences. Students will attain these skills while taking sufficient majors-level science courses within existing programs to be able to understand and frame problems in ways that are meaningful in context.

 The College offered the first course in the program in Fall 2018; a second course was added in Spring 2019 and a third course in Fall 2019.