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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science

Data Science Program

Data Science Minor

The College of Science will be offering a minor in Data Science starting in Fall 2020. The program is designed to prepare students in various major degree programs to obtain skills and knowledge that have high value in the job market. Data scientist and similar job titles have consistently ranked highly in lists of “top 10 jobs” compiled by national news outlets in recent years. Advantages in the job market are especially likely when the Data Science minor is combined with strong quantitative preparation in the student’s major.

Students who wish to obtain a minor in Data Science must take at least 19-20 semester hours of DATA or related courses, to include the following:

1.       Foundational courses (take any four of these):

                DATA 1401 Introduction to Scientific Computing 1

                DATA 1402 Introduction to Scientific Computing 2

                DATA 3401 Data Mining, Management, and Curation

                DATA 3402 Statistical Modeling and SAS

                DATA 3403 Simulation and R

                DATA 3404 Machine Learning

2.       And any one of the following elective courses:

                DATA 1301 Introduction to Data Science

                An additional DATA 34xx course listed in section 1

                BIOL 3340 Bioinformatics

                ENVR / GEOL 4454 Statistics for Scientists and Engineers

                GEOL 4330 Understanding Geographical Information Systems

                MATH 3313 Introduction to Probability

                MATH 3316 Statistical Inference

                PHYS 2321 Computational Physics

                PSYC 2443 Research Design and Statistics I


Note: Course offerings for Fall 2020 include DATA 1301: Introduction to Data Science, and DATA 1401: Introduction to Scientific Computing 1.